Donna Stellhorn

Plate Size Matters

How Kitchen and Restaurant Decor
Affect Eating Habits

Donna Stellhorn

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Does your dinner plate affect how much you eat?

America is suffering from Portion Distortion. Our portions are getting bigger and bigger and so are we.

What we don't realize is how affected we are by what we see. And how much our environment affects our decision making. But researchers like, Brian Wansink, Ph.D. know that the bigger the plate the bigger the portion. Wansink held an ice cream social for his research assistants and other professors. He offered several favors of ice cream in either 17 ounce bowls or 34 ounce bowls. Guests served themselves 30% more when using the bigger bowl. He also had two sizes of scoops. The ones who used the bigger scoop ate 57% more!

Just three extra ounces of vanilla ice cream adds 100 calories to your serving. If you skip that three ounces every day you could lose 10 pounds a year.


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Is there a reason that candy come in so many colors?

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Does “out of sight out of mind” work on sweets?

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Can you name an eating utensil that causes you to eat less?

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What if you could just make a few simple changes in your environment that would change how much you eat?

What if changing some small part of your kitchen would cause you to eat less and still feel satisfied?

What if you knew that shifting a few items in your cupboards would cause the entire family to eat healthier?

What if you understood how restaurant menus are designed to get you to order more?

What if you knew how product packaging, color, shape and product placement affected how much you buy?

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Dianna told me that she's been struggling with her weight since college. Now 30 years later she can't seem to get rid of the pounds. Every time she tries a new diet she ends up quitting and the weight returns along with a few more pounds. I had her change one thing in her kitchen and now she eats an average of 30% less per day. She's losing weight and feels completely satisfied at every meal.

Tony has a problem with eating late at night. These late night binges were causing him to really pile the weight on. I gave him one thing to do different after 10 pm and he has found that he's cut his late night eating more than in half.

Instead of giving up the foods you love find out how you can guide your mind and heart in the right direction. How you can choose to eat what you want whenever you're hungry and still lose weight. Sign up today and get started with 7 free tips.